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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Cinema 2017: The Story So Far

Yes, it’s that time of the year where everyone goes “How is it nearly July already? Mad, innit?”, which also means it’s time for the inevitable articles appraising the best and worst of the year so far. To try and avoid serving up a listicle that could be copy-pasted from my Letterboxd profile (and because I’m a sucker for gimmicks), I’ve decided to review the first half of cinema 2017 in the form of a limerick:

The year started off as it should,
Serving all that Oscar-bait could.
There were small indie flicks
And some biopics
But a few of them were actually good!

La La Land took most of the prizes,
But Moonlight brought all the surprises.
It’s great specificity
And success for diversity
Gave us all grins like sunrises.

Jackie felt a bit overlooked,
Maybe it seemed undercooked?
But Portman’s a joy
And that score? Oh boy!
It’s epilogue sure had me spooked.

February never failed to appease;
LEGO Batman bringing many a wheeze.
Hidden Figures was bright,
Even T2 was alright,
As for John Wick 2: yes please!

March had a great deal of clout,
With the bleakness of Logan about.
Kong: Skull Island looked nice,
Beauty and ‘Beast may suffice,
But we all know the winner: Get Out!

Things dry up at this point,
As April and May disappoint.
Pirates was a bedwetter,
King Arthur’s no better,
So Colossal’s the queen I anoint.

And now for summer’s usual haul,
Through franchise fare we must trawl.
The Mummy was a curse,
Transformers 5 even worse,
Was Wonder Woman worth it all?

So, what’s to look forward to?
Some arthouse, maybe something brand new?
I’m sorry to bore you all,
But I’m that predictable:
It’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi, woo-hoo!